RV1 €7.495

RV1 Wheel Guardian™ Touchless Tire Changer

The RV1 Wheel Guardian™ tire changer is a revolutionary wheel service offering by Ranger Products. This touchless tire machine breaks beads and swaps tires faster than virtually any other design on the market. Eliminate the manual hassle of changing tires when you go touchless!

R980AT €3.795

Tire Changer / Swing Arm / Single-Tower Assist / 30″ Capacity

The R980AT saves an impressive amount of space, making it ideal for small or cramped tire shops. Because it utilizes a swing-arm design and doesn’t tilt back, it can be installed flush against a wall. An assist tower will help with stiffer sidewalls, run-flats and other low-profile tires. 30″ clamping ability.

R80EX €6.895

Tilt Back / Dual-Tower Assist / 34″ Clamping Capacity

The R80EX tire changer features a dual-assist, tilt-back tower design, so it’s outfitted with the industry’s best and most powerful tools. With the R80EX, you get the classic, rugged reliability Ranger is known for, plus dozens of standard features.

R745 €1.895

Tire Changer / Swing Arm / 21″ Capacity

The Ranger R745 is a basic tire changer for entry-level tire and wheel service. It’s ideal for performing rapid wheel service on most types of passenger wheels, as well as spare tires and trailer tires.

R980XR €2.549

Tire Changer / Swing Arm / 30″ Capacity

To get the space-saving benefits of the Ranger R980AT without the addition of an assist-tower, the R980XR is a perfect alternative tire changer. It’s perfect for general repairs on a wide range of tires, including racing tires, pickup trucks and tire beads that won’t put up much of a fight.

R76LT €2.395

Tire Changer / Tilt-Back / 30″ Capacity

If you like the versatility of the Ranger R76ATR but don’t need its assist-tower feature, then Ranger’s R76LT is a slightly stripped-down version that still performs rapid tire changes. Commonly found in general repair shops that see a wide range of tires, such as racing and light truck tires.

R76ATR €4.295

Tire Changer / Tilt-Back / Right-Tower Single Assist / 30″ Capacity

The R76ATR is a brilliant time saver. Its tilt-back tower allows you to operate different tire-and-wheel combos without adjusting the duck head, and the swing-arm design with tower assist ensure stiff sidewalls are never a problem. RimGuard™ clamps extend 10″ – 30″ for maximum versatility.

R26FLT €7.195

Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Changer / Joystick Control

The Ranger R26FLT is a heavy-duty tire changer that handles truck, bus and commercial van tires with ease. Comes with joystick control.