Car Lifts

An auto lift by BendPak consistently delivers on a promise of breakthrough quality and unsurpassed engineering excellence. Our legacy of superior craftsmanship is built deep into each and every one of our car lifts. To deliver on our promise, we go through every effort to get our automotive lifts ANSI/ALI certified. These standards change over time, and not every ​automotive lift company bothers to keep up. We redesign our car lifts regularly to meet changing certification standards, so if you have any questions about safety, please don’t hesitate to call us and speak to a customer service representative at any time.

Wheel Service Solutions by Ranger Products

Your Single-Source Provider of Wheel Service Equipment

Your clients expect the very best service available, so give it to them with Ranger’s full suite of wheel service solutions. Our extensive service lineup includes advanced tire changers, easy-to-use wheel balancers, essential wheel aligners, precise brake lathes and valuable tire repair products to keep your clients rolling forward and coming back for more. Whether you’re starting a new business or just rounding out your shop’s wheel service capabilities, Ranger has the best equipment that also fits any budget.

The Wheel Alignment System You Deserve

If you’re in the automotive repair business, you definitely want to ensure your clients are getting perfect wheel alignments. Ranger’s premium CRT Wireless Wheel Aligners consistently set the industry standard for accuracy, speed and simplicity of use. Using advanced 8-CCD cameras and infrared light sources, Ranger CRT Wireless Wheel Aligners are capable of accurately determining angles and calculations to an astonishingly high degree of precision.

Ranger wheel aligners include ProSpec® software, which interprets data and brightly displays all the alignment procedures on a sharp, high-contrast flat-panel monitor. Any would-be mystery is thus completely removed from the process, and you’re left with a step-by-step process that results in perfect wheel alignments. Technicians follow the onscreen instructions and receive immediate feedback and correction. It’s that easy. The wheel aligner’s functionality and sophistication is leaps and bounds beyond anything else in the industry, so if you’re looking for the best wheel aligner that can make the biggest difference in your shop, look no further.

Cutting-Edge Brake Lathes by Ranger

Ranger’s full-service brake lathes are hands-down the best investment you can make for brake service needs because they are exceptionally speedy, rugged and precise. Featuring infinitely adjustable feed rates at the turn of a dial, our brake lathes are designed to deliver perfect lathe results every time. Ranger brake lathes are the superior choice because no other brake lathe on the market has the same incredible Ranger innovations that are essential to every garage or shop looking to perform brake service.

We’re the Pipe Bending Experts with a Half-Century of Perfect Bends

Pipe benders are our longest-running legacy here at BendPak, and since they’re the inspiration for the first half of our name (“Bend”), we take particular pride in each bender we design, manufacture and roll out. Every new pipe bender builds upon the success of its predecessor, ensuring repeated generations of pipe bending perfection.

After so many decades on the job, we have a crystal clear view of what works and what doesn’t. But more than anything else, the single, overriding priority with each pipe bender we create is unmatched performance and quality. BendPak assembly personnel and R&D teams test each bender as it comes off the assembly line, closely scrutinizing every detail to make sure it works as good as or better than designed. The BendPak name has long stood for the benchmark of quality. When it comes to a BendPak bender, it’s like our name is on it twice.

Garage Equipment for Shops of Any Size

BendPak changed the landscape of the entire industry with the introduction of Ranger Products in 1997. Instead of offering just a handful of specialized automotive shop equipment, our ongoing mission is to completely serve and satisfy every automotive market. That’s why we manufacture a tremendous array of advanced service products, including floor jacks, spray wash cabinets, oil filter crushers and motorcycle lifts. Industrial-grade air compressors and pipe benders are also sold under the BendPak name. If you aren’t familiar with our extensive suite of products, please have a look around. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.