BendPak Twee Koloms Hefbruggen ”Always Ready for Business”

De robuste twee koloms hefbruggen zijn ontworpen om werkelijk alle klussen aan voertuigen te kunne uitvoeren. Met een hefcapaciteit tot 8.000Kg is er geen twee koloms hefbrug ongeschikt voor uw werkplaats.  Als garagehouder of hobbyist staan kwaliteit en veiligheid bovenaan op de lijst als het om hefbruggen gaat. BendPak is leading op de automotive markt sinds 1965.
Onze twee koloms hefbruggen zijn wereldwijd bekend om de A-Kwaliteit die constant verbeterd wordt naar een nog beter en veiliger product.

GP-7LCS  vanaf € 3.400

Inbouwhoogte 2.705mm
Inbouw breedte 3.175mm
Hefhoogte 1.372mm
Hefcapaciteit 3.175kg

De GP-7LCS is een unieke hefbrug, deze is speciaal ontworpen voor de doe-het-zelver. Het is de laagste tweekolommer die u zult vinden. Door zijn lage inbouwhoogte past deze al snel in de kleine hobby ruimte en bied nog steeds een mooie hefhoogte van 1.37 meter.

XPR-9S vanaf € 4.100

Inbouwhoogte 2.870mm
Inbouw breedte 3.353 – 3.683mm
Hefhoogte 1.982mm – 2.045mm
Hefcapaciteit 4.082kg

The XPR-9S two-post lift offers automotive service professionals unparalleled lifting performance and lasting quality. State-of-the-art technology, top-notch materials, a forward-looking design and a 9,000-lb. lifting capacity make this lift a fantastic purchase.

XPR-10S vanaf € 4.100

Inbouwhoogte 3.683mm
Inbouw breedte 3.353 – 3.683mm
Hefhoogte 1.753mm – 1.969mm
Hefcapaciteit 4.536kg

The XPR-10S two-post lift offers exceptional direct-drive lifting performance. This industrial-strength car lift guarantees cutting-edge technology, top of the line materials, a design that’s ahead of its time and a 10,000-lb. lifting capacity.

XPR-10XLS vanaf € 4.500

Inbouwhoogte 3.988mm
Inbouw breedte 3.353 – 3.683mm
Hefhoogte 1.905mm – 2.089mm
Hefcapaciteit 4.536kg

Tall techs no longer have to strain themselves while they work. The XPR-10XLS is a high-reach symmetrical two-post lift that can be customized with an optional extension kit and/or Low-Pro™ arms. Perfect for vehicles of all sizes. A must-have tool to help taller techs stand upright while they work.

XPR-12FDL vanaf € 6.300

Inbouwhoogte 3.658mm
Inbouw breedte 3.937mm
Hefhoogte 1.753mm – 2.007mm
Hefcapaciteit 5.443kg

If you appreciate the superior quality of a BendPak XPR-9 or 10 series two-post lift but need more lifting power, the XPR-12FDL is an open-top car lift that’s packed with pure, brutish muscle. Like its Clearfloor sister-lift, it offers superior Direct-Drive performance.

XPR-15CL vanaf € 10.500

Inbouwhoogte 4.318mm
Inbouw breedte 3.937mm
Hefhoogte 1.753mm – 2.032mm
Hefcapaciteit 6.804kg

The XPR-15CL two-post car lift offers 15,000 lbs. of lifting power. Not only does this lift let you operate on low-profile cars, it has the ability to lift some extremely heavy trucks and vans. 15,000 lbs. is enough to lift a dump truck, so you’re covered on most lifting applications.

XPR-18CL vanaf € 11.600

Inbouwhoogte 4.318mm
Inbouw breedte 3.937mm
Hefhoogte 1.753mm – 2.032mm
Hefcapaciteit 8.165kg

Shops that work on massive fleets and vehicles need a powerful car lift with a small footprint. BendPak’s 18,000-lb. capacity XPR-18CL offers the most extraordinary lifting capacity of any two-post lift we make, which means you get the best column, carriage and frame component construction we offer.

Get a High-Capacity Two-Post Car Lift

No matter the capacity of the model you choose, BendPak has an ALI Certified car lift for you. Our lighter-duty 9,000-lb. and 10,000-lb. capacity lifts cater to vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Telescoping swing-arms are tailor-made for either symmetric or asymmetric design. We also make low-profile arms to lift sports cars and other low-stance vehicles.

For those who need higher-capacity car and truck lifts, as covered by our 12,000-lb. and 15,000-lb. models, you get the same certified structure and components, as well as those all-importantetl, fully adjustable swing-arms.

And last but never least, our 18,000-lb. two-post lift is a true beast of a machine. As our highest-capacity model, it strikes fear in the heart of competitors who can’t match our safety standards and incredible value, and it ensures you can safely lift just about anything that comes your way. Even if you see another brand with a lift rated for the same weight capacity, think twice before assuming it’s as reliable and well-made as a BendPak. Other companies skimp on safety and performance. BendPak sets the benchmark for quality.

Frame Cradle Set for Trucks and SUVs

​You’ll definitely appreciate this rugged SUV/truck frame cradle set on the end of the swing arms. Never lift a wide-bodied truck or SUV without an adapter set, even if the vehicle lift’s weight capacity is sufficient for your vehicle. The SUV/truck frame cradle set prevents the vehicle from slipping off the rubber lift pad.