Cutting-Edge Brake Lathes by Ranger

Ranger’s full-service brake lathes are hands-down the best investment you can make for brake service needs because they are exceptionally speedy, rugged and precise. Featuring infinitely adjustable feed rates at the turn of a dial, our brake lathes are designed to deliver perfect lathe results every time. Ranger brake lathes are the superior choice because no other brake lathe on the market has the same incredible Ranger innovations that are essential to every garage or shop looking to perform brake service.

A Ranger combination brake lathe is an effective and essential piece of shop equipment for curing brake pedal pulsation and annoying brake noise, not to mention increasing vehicle safety. Ranger brake lathes easily correct thickness variations on rotor and drum surface areas, a common condition caused by uneven contact of the brake pad on the friction surface.

RL-8500 €5.995

Combination Disc/Drum Brake Lathe with Bench & Standard Tooling

The revolutionary RL-8500 combination brake lathe uses independent DC servo motors to control the cross-feed and spindle feed drives, eliminating the need for complex mechanical gear boxes and transmissions typically found on mechanically-driven brake lathes.


Combination Disc/Drum Brake Lathe with Bench & Standard Tooling / Super-Duty

The heavy-duty, extended RL-8500XLT combination brake lathe is capable of truing a full 10” deep brake drum. It features independent DC servo motors to command both the spindle feed drives and cross feed drives. This eliminates complex gear boxes and transmissions found on mechanically-driven lathes.

Brake Service, Simplified

Uneven surface flaws are responsible for almost every customer complaint when frustrations are directed towards the brakes (especially when they press on the brake pedal). When brake surface variations are found, imperfections on the rotors, drums and/or flywheels need to be corrected, which typically involves machining down the entire surface so that high spots are machined smooth across the entire surface. Brake lathe resurfacing is usually less expensive and more efficient than replacing the rotor.

Ranger brake lathes are the superior choice because no other brake lathe on the market has the same incredible Ranger innovations, essential to every garage or shop looking to perform brake service.

A common problem that plagues other brake lathes is the vibration and chatter transfer that directly affects the tool-tip and leaves an imperfect cut on the machined surface. The RL-8500XLT brake lathe by Ranger is specifically designed to address this issue by eliminating the need for gear-driven mechanical drives and variable-speed transmission devices.

Ranger brake lathes replace antiquated transmissions and gears found on other brands. You would be surprised if you stood back and watched a brake lathe machine finish a cut on a rotor or drum. Brake rotors are very smooth—or should be. If you were to turn a rotor on any lathe then drop a hammer on the floor next to the lathe, you would see a noticeable degradation of the cut at the moment of impact. Vibration causes frequencies that get transferred to the cut. Because the Ranger RL-8500XLT brake lathe does not use gears and transmissions, we completely eliminate multiple frequencies that could degrade the machining finish. The formation of surface roughness is usually the result of the tool feed rate, spindle rotational speed, tool geometry, material properties and relative tool-work vibration. Vibrations and chatter from gears, bearings and mechanical drive parts are eliminated. And remember, this is the same kind of vibration that is often transferred to the tool-tip, leaving irregular cuts on the machined finish.

Independent DC servo motor

One brake lathe feature that we’re particularly proud of is the independent DC servo motor that controls our cross feed and spindle feed drives. This eliminates the need for mechanical gear boxes found in traditional brake lathes. The final result is a drastic reduction in repair and service costs throughout the entire lifespan of your unit.

Incredible Features at Your Disposable

All Ranger Brake Lathes come standard with a heavy-duty work bench, convenient quick-change tool-head design, complete adapter package, simple control set that minimizes operator movement, double-headed work lamp, safety shield, chip “catch” funnel and adjustable cross feed stop. No other brake lathe works as hard as a Ranger.

Quick-Change Adapter Plus

Our standard brake lathe tooling package features our Quick-Change Adapter Plus system that eliminates the need for conventional bell clamps and cones.

An extensive brake lathe tool package fits hub-less drums and rotors, foreign and domestic, with 2-5/32″ to 4″ center-holes and composite rotors with center-holes 4″ to 6.25″. The brake lathe adapter package also includes micro-dial twin tool cutter, boring bar, hub-less adapters, backing plates, tapered collets, centering cones, self-aligning spacer, bell clamp, step adapter, drum silencer, universal silencer band, wrenches and safety shield.

The ability to stop at will is the most important safety feature a vehicle has. When it comes to your clients’ brakes, don’t take chances. Make sure it’s a Ranger brake lathe.